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Welcome to Lieksa, Isäntärenki

Isäntärenki is a traditional working farm in Vuonisjärvi, situated twenty kilometres south of Lieksa, a city in eastern Finland and about 100 km north of Joensuu. You can find our location on the map here.

We offer tasty home-made meals and coffee services for groups. Our specialities are organic home-raised lamb dishes and traditional Finnish sour rye country bread made from scratch. All are prepared with ingredients produced on our own farm or the local area. We are focused on organic sheep ranching and organic grain farming.

Isäntärenki also offers stylish art handicrafts. The handicrafts are created by the Lady of the house, Marjatta Lampen-Kuivalainen, who besides being a fantastic cook and hostess, is a professional artisan. Marjatta uses wool and linen as materials for her works. There is a sales exhibition of art handicrafts in the old granary.

On our farm we have a collection of farm machinery from the old days. The collection is found in our authentic Home Museum which earlier served as a sheep shed.


Pictures of café and handicrafts

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One of Lieksa's major attractions is the studio and wooden chapel of sculptress Eva Ryynänen and is located in the same village as our farm.

Local enterprises in the area offer a variety of activities in the beautiful surroundings of North Karelia.

The city centre of Lieksa can be reached in twenty minutes.


Coffee and meal services are available year around by reservaton only


Perinnetalo Isäntärenki
Marjatta ja Pekka Kuivalainen
GSM +358 (0)40 5954 238
Vuonisjärventie 2
81560 Vuonisjärvi



In co-operation with : Across the lake Pielinen - to the eastern border of Finland - Project




Perinnetalo Isäntärenki
Vuonisjärventie 2
81560 Vuonisjärvi

puh. 050 3366740